What we produced were social networks, forms of community and biopower. We were only the model citizens, the highest point of alienated socialization, where the most socialized was also the most social. 2015




Agatha: END OF SEASON, TAKE CARE #1, Like a Little Disaster, 2017

imgn spacs o dtrrrtrlztn, SURVIVAL GUIDE, ed. Penny Rafferty, Copy Left, 2017

YGRG email interview with Lucie Kolb

DEATH OF AN AVATAR, as part of MYCOLOGICAL TWIST, Rust,online and Riverside, Bern

PLANES Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami

YGRGS [with Julia Moritz]

Death of an Avatar @ Hessel Museum, New York

for a future V: I’m in a soup in JUNGLE JUICE N°4 La revue des Éditions Supernova

CLOUD @ Beautiful Gallery, Chicago

for a future X: an-instagram-model-is-calling-bullshit-on-her-fake-reality @ Institut for Succes 1.0, GL Strand, Copenhagen

Helsinki Group, HIAP Gallery Augusta, Helsinki

She wanders through cities of deserted islands, the Museum of Post Digital Cultures, online

for a future V: I’m in a soup @ Blue Majik, L'atelier-Ksr, Berlin

CLOUD @ Co-Workers, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Agatha @ Center, Berlin


for a future IV: but what if we are not alive? @ CRASH, New Scenario

for a future VIII: it starts with a kiss @ Schwarzwaldallee

She wanders through cities of deserted islands @ the Museum of Post Digital Cultures

e for exosceleton, eStamina @ Import Projects

boys: as if when living optimus prime @ Center, Berlin

Valkyrie Ice 001: radiance with positice anticipation @ sstlt-115919758

for a future III: (al´g&-rith-&m) for melting ice @ TTONIC, Other Projects

ikea solutions.rtf @ Psytrance for the Office, d3signbur3au, London

Interview with Egle Kulbokaite and Dorota Gaweda